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Brett Marlo Design Build: 4-Star Tacoma Remodel

  9.02.2021   Don Leske   Uncategorized   1 Comment

It can often be hard to convince homeowners to certify their remodel projects, but not for the Brett Marlo Design Build team. Building to green standards and certifying their projects

Land Consultation

FACT - WE SAVED THE LANDOWNER NEARLY $1,000,000.00 We can find and fix or mitigate problems with land. SUBJECT: 20...Posted by Diggs Custom Homes on Thursday, 4 June 2020

Free VS. Paid Home plan Estimates

Free VS. Paid Home plan Estimates One of the challenges of building a home is understanding what the home will cost to build from the initial design phase. There are

Mark-up Vs. Margin

  21.05.2019   Don Leske   Custom Homes   No comments

There are common misconceptions about profit margins. A profit “margin” is the gross profit (not net profit) of the entire sale as represented as a percentage. A mark-up is only

Buying Land and Building on a Hillside or Critical Area, Yes or No?

  28.04.2019   Don Leske   Buying Land   No comments

Buying land? Remember the Mantra when buying land: Location Location Location. Not all land is the same. Flat building lots command a premium in today’s market. You may save money

Will your land perk?

  28.04.2019   Don Leske   Land   No comments

  Looking for good buildable land? Before hiring a home builder, make sure your land will perk! There are a variety of soils throughout Washington State, and not all of

Stressed out building a new home

3 Easy tips to avoid stress when building a new home Are you thinking about building a new home in Tacoma or Seattle Washington? Or a backyard cottage or ADU

Why Now May Be the Right Time to Build a Backyard Cottage.

Why Now May Be the Right Time to Build a Backyard CottageMany are downsizing to smaller homes like ADUs, Mother-In-Law's, and backyard cottages If you currently own a home and

Building an Affordable Home Versus an Expensive Home

  22.10.2018   Don Leske   Real Estate   No comments

Building an Affordable Home Versus an Expensive HomeReal Estate Professional Don Leske talks about how purchasing a home that fits your budget may be the wise choice. As a professional

Is Your Real Estate Broker Unconsciously Competent?

  25.09.2018   Don Leske   Real Estate   2 Comments

Is Your Real Estate Broker Unconsciously Competent?Breaking down the finer aspects of what makes a great real estate broker So, you’re thinking about buying land and building a home? The

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