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Giving Young People the Tools for Success!

Diggs4Kids is a Northwest based charity owned and operated solely by SmallDiggs Diggs Custom Homes.

We were all kids at one time. The children are our past, present and our future. How they think and feel makes a dramatic difference in their opinions and personal life choices. How they feel molds their thinking. Their families economic status and environment down to their clothes and shoes they wear affect how they think and feel.  No child should go to bed hungry, go to school with unintentional holes in their clothes, worn out jackets and shoes that are too small.

We feel that the best way for young people to grow in life is through developing a skill and then growing that skill with day-to-day dedication and hard work.  Our goal is to give local kids and young people the tools needed to develop an interest in the construction trades and give them the tools to grow.

From exposure to carpentry, electrical, or maybe just a pair of shoes and a coat, or tuition to a local college.  Sometimes in our local community there are hard-working single parents that are struggling to make ends meet.  And their children need a little direction from local business owners.

We’re here to help.


If you know of a family or child that is in need of the tools for growth, let us know.

  • Describe your Who, What & Why? Who has a need, what is it that they need, and why they would be a great nominee.

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