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“Diggs recommends homeowners obtain their own “Course of construction” insurance, whose policy can be purchased through your insurance company.

As a coverage option, Diggs also can provide “Course of construction” insurance or otherwise known as “Builders risk” insurance through our preferred provider “Silverstone Group. See the attached brochure to see the coverage and limits of liability.

What is it? It’s an insurance policy that covers building materials that used to construct a new home that has suffered damage or other loss or other hazards. Check with your own insurance company for specific coverage.

Who needs Course of construction or builders risk insurance? Everyone that is involved with a construction project as this limits your liability of loss.

Is it expensive? The course of construction insurance is relatively inexpensive. We can give you a quote. Insurance coverage premiums are calculated on the total value of the project. Typical costs are $300-$800 for the entire project for homes under $600,000. When you compare the one-time insurance premium to the cost of an expensive window package, cabinetry, or lumber package stolen or damaged onsite plus the cash out-of-pocket direct replacement cost, you quickly see the value of this kind of peace of mind.

Disclosure: SilverStone is a licensed insurance producer in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia. Diggs Custom Homes is not licensed to sell insurance and cannot answer questions about the benefits, exclusions, coverage, or conditions of the builder’s risk insurance policy that you are requesting. SilverStone is an independent and separate company from Diggs Custom Homes.”

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