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One of the premiere finished features in any home is the cabinetry. Custom home builders count on their cabinetry to ooh and awe their customers when handing them the keys. Cabinetry is not only an aesthetic focal point but a functional necessity as well. The cabinetry’s design and features determine the level of efficiency, ease of use, comfortable operation, and beauty you get to enjoy in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, and any other places they are needed throughout the house. This is why custom cabinetry can greatly add to the livability and beauty of a home.

Custom cabinetry is not built in a factory pumping out thousands of predetermined sizes and styles of cabinet boxes daily by workers who each run mass-producing machinery that they stand at all day long, repeating one step of the cabinet-building process over and over. Custom cabinets are built for your house by highly skilled craftsmen who each have the skill to build an entire cabinet by hand.

The layout, design, and styles can all be determined in an in-person or virtual consultation with the cabinet makers themselves. This allows you and the cabinet maker the opportunity to collaborate on the feel, function, and flow of the finest details in your home. The expert craftsmen can offer suggestions while taking in your dreams and desires in order to get the result just right. Price, look, feel, and function are built exactly to your tastes, for your home.

Here at Diggs Custom Homes, we have partnered with one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest cabinet makers in order to give our customers the most control over the fit and finish of even the finest details. Along with your cabinets, you’ll receive a Limited Lifetime Warranty (non-transferrable), consultation, design, and of course, expert craftsmanship to ensure that your cabinetry will meet all of your needs.

3/4 inch plywood boxes, soft close doors and drawers, dovetail drawer box joinery, full overlay shaker style doors, solid wood door, and drawer faces, (4) pullouts, (1) Spice rack roll out, (1) Trash / Recycle Pullout (if the layout allows), modulated uppers with adjustable shelves, heavy-duty hardware, and cove molding are just some of the features that are all INCLUDED in our base pricing! All custom fit to your home! No awkward spaces due to a lack of options. No funky-looking solutions to filling an unusual space. Real wood, premium quality, custom cabinets, hand built by local craftsmen, installed by highly skilled installers, enjoyed by you!

See Below For Our Full Custom Cabinet Specifications! All Specifications Listed Are Included In Our Base Pricing!

Cabinet Construction Specifications:

  • “European” Full Overlay cabinet style – What is a Full Overlay? A full overlay is a cabinet door that covers the cabinet’s entire face frame. This ensures minimal gaps so that only a very small portion of the cabinet’s storage area is viewable. A full overlay is a cabinet door that conceals the opening to the storage area.
  • 3⁄4” plywood cabinet box construction- most durable –
  • Fabricated with Wood Glue and Confirmat screws – Confirmat style connecting screws are designed for cabinets or other types of box construction. These unique fasteners act like a steel dowel forming a strong, stiff butt joint. They have a large shoulder under the head that locks the screw into the wood and prevents pulling through into softer materials.
  • Full Extension soft close drawer guides – Full extension drawer slides are very popular with cabinet builders and homeowners. This style of slide provides access to all items stored in the drawer by allowing the drawer to extend all the way to the front edge of the cabinet.
  • Concealed Soft Close European Hinges – 110 degree Concealed hinges are mechanical bearings that are completely concealed when the door or surface on which they are installed is closed. You will only see them after opening the door or surface. Also known as hidden hinges, you can’t see concealed hinges when the door or surface is closed
  • Dovetailed Hardwood Drawer boxes-Dovetail joints are used to join the sides of a drawer to the front and back of the kitchen drawer, keeping the kitchen cabinet drawers strong and sturdy. A well-made dovetail produces a joint, that even without glue, can be difficult to separate.
  • 1mm Species/Color Matched edge banding on cabinet boxes – For high-use areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, 1mm thick edge banding is recommended to better protect your cabinets from frequent use.
  • Shaker Flat Panel doors and 5-piece lower drawer fronts with slab style top drawer front Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets, as well as Shaker drawers, are a style of kitchen units that feature a flat center panel and square edges, with minimal detailing or profiling. Shaker cabinet designs are often symmetrical and shy away from intricate carvings and ornamentation
  • Standard Painted cabinetry – “Diggs White” Diggs White is a gorgeous choice for cabinets. It generally ‘looks like white’, without being as stark as more traditional whites. It’s also versatile and suits a WIDE- range of countertop choices.

Quality woodwork provided by the hard working team at

High-Quality Installers Ensure a Great Fit, Function, and Finish

  • 2 Color Painted Real Wood “Select” Construction Full Overlay Cabinets, with Crown Moulding, Dove Tail Joints, Soft Close Full Extension Drawers and Doors (Optional Upgraded Styles, Colors, Accessories, Lifts, and Features Available)
  • Modulated Cabinet Height Elevations with Crown Moulding
  • Matte Black Knobs & Pull Handles Installed
  • Cabinet Layout and Lineal Feet Per Plan (Fully Customizable)
  • Cove Molding-Kitchen-Cove molding is plain, concave – shaped trim. In essence, cove may be considered a less ornate version of crown.
  • 11. Straight Light Valance Molding – Kitchen-This is most common light valance option. This is a piece of matching straight material that gets cut and attached to the bottom of the cabinet. This type of light valance disguises the under-cabinet lighting from being visible.
  • Inserts- (1) Spice Rack Pullout, (1) Trash / Recycle Pullout (as layout allows)
  • All lower (base) cabinets are furnished with (1) adjustable shelf and (4) rollout drawers
    in the Island- (or preferred location).
  • All upper (wall) cabinets are furnished with (2) adjustable shelves
  • All cabinetry is delivered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty (non-transferrable) for peace
    of mind.

The following images are for illustration only and may not be what is included in the Signature Standard Specifications.

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