The Perfect Cruise To Building A Custom House On Steam Boat Island

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The Perfect Cruise To Building
A Custom House On Steam Boat Island

Thurston County
Steam Boat Island

CustomDiggs is proud to serve its customers on their life’s cruise to have a beautiful, spacious house in Steam Boat Island, Washington. As one of the top rated home builders in all of Washington State, CustomDiggs has the experience in developing land and building dream custom houses for its clients in several counties around Washington State.

Why Steam Boat Island, Washington?

Steam Boat Island

Steam Boat Island, part of Thurston County, Washington is home to one of the most peaceful and scenic livings in the entire Pacific Northwest. The Island is located just off the shore of Carlyon Beach and is connected to several farms on the mainland by the wide Steamboat Island Road that goes via Sandy Point.

It is the perfect sanctuary for retired couples as it offers peace and tranquility like no other. With canoe and kayak experiences all over the island, you’ll never be bored in your new custom Steam Boat Island home.

Served by the Griffin Fire Department #13 and the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce, the community is well maintained and well respected by its well-mannered citizens.

Moving To Steamboat Island, Washington

The Island is perfect if you’re looking to get a good home with lots of water, trees, and nature. With its humble and peaceful neighborhoods, Steamboat Island brings out the nature-lover in every one of us.

CustomDiggs understands that most of our clients don’t always get the houses they’re looking for when it comes to areas like Steamboat Island, Washington. This is why CustomDiggs helps its clients get their dream homes by fully customizing the entire architecture, material and structural design, and construction plan to build the perfect home for you and your significant other in a place as blissful as Steamboat Island.

Your Custom Island Home Builders On Steamboat Island

It’s not a fantasy. CustomDiggs manages the entire process of getting you your dream island home. From surveying, assessing, and acquiring land to making construction plans and architectural decisions with you to selecting the materials necessary to add that bit of ‘you’ in your new custom home – we have you covered every step of the way.

Surveying Land And Acquisition

CustomDiggs has the experience to predict the efficiency of land excavation in areas like Steamboat Island. With a deep knowledge of the county’s GIS and maps, We know how to detect erosion and how well the septic situation for each piece of land is. This is why our customers trust us when we assist them in acquiring the best piece of land on Steamboat Island.

We comply with Thurston County’s septic requirements and help get our clients get approval fast for their newly purchased lands by giving clear and actionable plans to the county inspectors for the installation of septic systems.

Union Mill

Building And Construction

With CustomDiggs’ special knowledge of Steamboat Island’s nature preservation efforts and the government regulation protecting the natural ecosystem, our clients enjoy quick construction plan approvals by the county for their custom homes.

CustomDiggs makes sure the structural integrity of your custom Steamboat Island house is in compliance with all structural and civil engineering principles and goes in line with the county requirements. We have the technical expertise to build one story or two story houses on Steamboat Island.

Superior And Accurate Estimation

With decades of experience in constructing custom-designed houses and mansions, CustomDiggs is proud to present accurate cost estimates to its clients for their dream Steamboat Island houses. This goes in line with our policy for transparency and getting the customer on the planning team during each step of the design process of their new custom home.

Superior And Accurate Estimation

Custom Home Builders On Steamboat Island, Washington

We all dream of sanctuaries that are surrounded by nature and peacefulness. However, when browsing through real estate listings, we often don’t find the dream house that we’re looking for, in the location that we’re looking for.

CustomDiggs makes your dreams come true by allowing you to scale up your dream house to a real home that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Have your fantasy fully-customized house on Steamboat Island, Washington built without worrying about all the compliance, land browsing, and construction details. Help CustomDiggs, help you turn your dream into a reality.

Please email [email protected] or fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us and to see what Diggs can do for you!

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