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Have Your Custom Dream Home
Built in Vail, Washington

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If the Pacific Northwest is known for its vast green areas, then Vail, Thurston County, Washington is at the center of all that green. As an unincorporated community, Vail is located a few miles South East of Olympia, the largest town in the county. Thick green forests lurk around the community, with sparse houses and buildings all around. Vail is the perfect sanctuary for those of you who want land, serenity, and some good old peace and quiet.

Why Vail, Washington?


If you’ve ever decided to buy a house in the United States, then you might be familiar with the unsatisfactory feeling of either not having enough space or not finding the ‘right’ home for you and your family. This is because most homes have contemporary designs that come with a predictable architectural preference. They exhibit the same style, the same aesthetics, and in some cases, the same plans. It gets really boring if you’re into unique things that complement your unique personality.

If you decide to go for custom homes, then the land becomes an issue. Find the right piece of land with enough square footage that can allow you to build the home of your dreams without worrying about compliance or cost. Vail, Thurston County, Washington is the perfect place to build a custom home that knows no bounds.

Let your imagination run free as you assess Vail’s landscape and build an image into your mind for your new luxury custom home. CustomDiggs will help you assess the land of your choice for its compliance with Thurston county land rules and provide you with optimal solutions so you can focus on crafting your dream into a reality.

How CustomDiggs Builds In Vail, Washington

Custom Diggs Builds In Vail

CustomDiggs has decades of experience under its belt catering to land development and building and industrial construction. We are proud to have served thousands of clients delivering quality client experiences and building custom luxury homes with all of our clients.

Land Acquisition in Vail, Washington

Since the area is covered with trees all around, clients question us as to whether it will hinder construction. CustomDiggs has a thorough land evaluation checklist that we follow religiously to provide our clients with the best value for the real estate investment. We have site inspectors who work closely with the Thurston County inspectors to make sure that the land is fit for use for the construction of your luxury homes.

CustomDiggs has been constructing in Thurston County for years and understands the different septic requirements that have to be complied with in order to ensure a smooth construction process and avoid any problems in the future. With a thorough understanding of the county’s GIS and maps, we ensure that your new land acquisition has the best options available from the local government.

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

We work closely with you to understand what your vision is for your new home. In Vail, Washington, you’ll have several options to choose from when it comes to both architectural and structural design. Because of the enormity of the available area and the associated potential for erecting large luxury homes, you will have a lot of options to choose from when we decide on a piece of land for your new sanctuary together.

CustomDiggs also allows minor and major design changes which can include adding square footage and changing the roof and floor designs. After the architectural and structural plans are finalized, we begin the construction phase and build your new custom home in Vail, Washington.

Constructing Your Dream Homes in Vail, Washington

With your personal selections completed, CustomDiggs proceeds to create an accurate estimated timeline for the completion of your new home. We get together with you to discuss various exciting things like flooring, countertops, woods, kitchens, and bathrooms. All of our parts and materials are sourced from highly reputable brands because CustomDiggs only partners with high-quality construction materials to deliver the high-quality custom design homes in Vail, Washington that our clients have come to expect of us.

Enjoy The Space in Vail, Washington

For our most ambitious clients, CustomDiggs offers both land surveying and acquisition assistance and constructs houses in Vail, Washington. We help you get the best out of this enormous space by ensuring a transparent communication channel and getting you the best value for your money.

Please email [email protected] or fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us and to see what Diggs can do for you!

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