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Build Your Custom Dream Home
In South Bay, Washington

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If moving to the Pacific Northwest has been a lifelong dream for you and your loved ones, CustomDiggs is proud to make give you the opportunity to make that dream come true. South Bay is nothing short of a paradise for all those who love the Pacific Coast.

We have the skills, the training, the knowledge, the personnel, and the decades of construction experience to make your new custom dream home in South Bay, Washington.

Why South Bay, Washington?

South Bay Washington

Situated right across the North-Eastern flank of Olympia, Washington, South Bay is a community of well-rested people that enjoy both peace and tranquility, nature and industry, the fast lane and the slow lane. South Bay is the perfect combination of the modern urban and rural experience. With its vast green fields and towering trees, the locality is perfect for land acquisition and custom home construction.

You can access the Olympia Regional Airport with a 20-minute drive. All the major attractions of Olympia are within 10 minutes of South Bay, making it one of those areas that really do have the best of everything.

South Bay is close to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge which is a big tourist attraction. The park is open during daylight hours and you can take your loved ones for a picnic and enjoy the serenity of the Pacific Northwest at its finest.

Everything You Need To Know About South Bay, Washington For Your New Home

Part of Thurston County, the community of South Bay is largely inhabited by families whose children attend South Bay Elementary School. Because of the young population, Thurston county has strict land and septic requirements around South Bay which puts land acquisition and construction under a lot of scrutiny for meeting certain standards. The Thurston County Chamber of Commerce has facilitated small businesses in South Bay to bring about a lively community that thrives throughout the year.

Luckily, CustomDiggs is well-versed with Thurston County’s Permitting Guide which allows us to help our clients get the best lands for their new sanctuaries. With an in-depth knowledge of the local area around South Bay, CustomDiggs provides its clients with a smooth land acquisition experience and the construction of their new homes.

The wilderness of South Bay provides a lovely natural setting for those of you who love nature. CustomDiggs sits down with you to understand your requirements for both the aesthetics and the overall look of your house and provides you with a detailed architectural and construction plan that goes in line with your budget and your idea for a perfect custom luxury house.

South Bay experiences plenty of light and the surrounding tree lines give ample privacy for those of you who want your homes in areas that are quiet and peaceful. As part of Thurston County, South Bay is Powered by Puget Sound Energy which ensures a 24/7 interrupted power supply to the area.

We truly understand how intimidating it can be for you all, the people who are new to this. Having worked with several clients, we have learned the variation in people’s needs, interests, and tastes. We assure you that our services will build you your dream home in the best way possible.

How CustomDiggs Can Help You
Move To South Bay, Washington

Our custom home construction services are one of the finest in all of Washington State. We understand the challenges homeowners face when they’re acquiring new places for their families and their children. We help new families get their exquisite forever homes by carefully planning, strategizing, and executing construction plans in order to attain the best land that each area has to offer.

Understanding The Law And The Land

CustomDiggs has been in the construction business for decades in counties all over Pacific Northwest. If you’re looking to get a custom dream home built around South Bay, Thurston County, Washington, we can help you navigate the various legal landscapes and help you get the land that complies with all the building permits and land review requirements. CustomDiggs has tremendous experience in navigating all the maps and GIS of the county so your new South Bay home can get the best facilities.

Understand These Woods

South Bay, Washington is a community of houses surrounded by thick forests. CustomDiggs understands the concerns of its customers and is equipped with the experience to use materials that are resilient for this kind of environment.

Thurston County implements strict regulations related to residential septic systems. With years of compliance with county regulations, CustomDiggs can help your new South Bay house become an approval magnet by helping you navigate county rules.

Understanding You

Understanding You

As a proud prospective owner of your new custom home, you can rely on CustomDiggs to understand your thought processes when you share your plans for a new South Bay house with us. If you have the ideas, we have the know-how to make them a reality.

Please email [email protected] or fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us and to see what Diggs can do for you!

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