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The city of DuPont, located in Washington State, is one of a kind among the cities of the Pacific Northwest. DuPont was a company town initially, which got its name from the DuPont Chemical Company. The company had a large manufacturing plant in the city for over 70 years.


DuPont- A Growing Community

DuPont- A Growing Community

The city of DuPont comes with a rich history, pretty trails, and a name for championship golf. It has many accessible, walkable systems of trails, parks, and natural reserves. You will also find the community garden for people of all ages, passions, and skills.

Since the growth of Northwest landing, the city’s recreation system has expanded by leaps and bounds. DuPont city has been a growing community for a few years now. The city is categorized into many subdivisions with fixed designs and building contractors.

Moreover, the central business hub lies in the downtown region, although there has been a drop in development in the previous years. The Hoffman Hill subdivision is one of the biggest areas, and about 60% of residents live there. At the same time, Bell Hill is the costliest area in the city.

Custom Homes in DuPont

Custom Homes in DuPont

While these are some of the details in gist, if you are interested in building a customized home in the city of DuPont, we assure you there is more information below.

We are top-rated home builders in Washington state that aims to provide you with the proper assistance and help with the building process of homes.

DuPont Chamber of Commerce includes all the businesses prevalent in the city. In terms of the largest industries, professional services rank at the top, followed by builders and contractors and then pumpkin patches.

We truly understand how intimidating it can be for you all, the people who are new to this. Having worked with several clients, we have learned the variation in people’s needs, interests, and tastes. We assure you that our services will build you your dream home in the best way possible.

Our Process

Building your custom home has several steps. Our process time will vary based on the type of house you choose. However, you’ll find our basic process as you read on.

Buying Land

Moving on, the very first step of the building process is buying land. Since you will be associated with us, we will take care of your end-to-end land purchase process. Whether you want a traditional home or a modern one, we will be there for you!

With our years in business, we have gained contacts with reputed land brokers from the area.

Along with the help of these land brokers, we will assure you receive the best location and land for your beautiful home. Moreover, we would strongly suggest you have a look at the GIS map of DuPont to learn about the locality and areas in the city.

Applying for Permits

The next question might be – ‘how do I apply for permits’? Well, we have built a great reputation in Pierce County and in DuPont and thus, know what is required and how to get it done. To learn more about your project requirements check out the building department of the city.

Finding Contractors

We will also aid you in finding some of the best local contractors and general contractors who will inform you of the nitty-gritty of local regulations.

Building a house in a relatively rural area will also encompass getting in touch with the right well driller and septic installer certified by the city’s department.

Working With Designers and Architects

Finally, we come to the most exciting part of the process, working with home designers and architects.

While the previous steps were more technically driven, you will also get to run your creative juices in this one. Architects and home designers are tasked to build you a home that is meant to last and be relevant over the years.

The relevance of your home will be dependent on two factors :

  • Your house should sustain your long-term plans set over the coming years
  • The home design should be aesthetically pleasing and a representation of your vibe.

Your architects will draw up a home design and a home plan with these factors in mind. Ensure that the plan is inspired by your tastes and interests, rather than copying something you saw over the internet. A house with the true feeling of its owner will never go out of fashion.

Have Your Dream Home With Diggs Custom Homes

Also, we support home buyers with all types of homes:

  • A good classic cottage design
  • A lovely multi-level home for your family
  • A basement home for your student life
  • A modern farmhouse with a striking appeal
  • A ranch for when you have retired

With your input and our recommendations and efforts, we are sure that we will be able to build you your dream home as soon as possible.

The duration of the house building process will vary depending on the house size. If you have multi-level homes, plans, and designs, then, by all means, the building process will take longer.

In comparison, a one-story home or a two-level home will take relatively less time. You can enroll with our services to know a stipulated time frame and discuss the right plan for your dream home. Send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out to you for a free consultation.

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