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Are you interested in shifting to the second-largest city in Pierce County? Yes, we are talking about the beautiful city of Lakewood. With a 4% lower cost of living than the Washington state average, Lakewood is cost-effective while being highly liveable at the same time.

Lakewood- A Nature Lover’s Retreat

Lakewood- A Nature Lover’s Retreat

One of the striking features of living in Lakewood is their age-old Lakewold Gardens and the American lake. Both of them are historical sites and have been known to nurture the social value of the city for a long time now. The Lakewold gardens, with their blooming flowers, budding trees, aw-with waterfalls, and ancient statues, work as a perfect picnic date or a day out with the family.

One of the famous historic sites of Washington state, the Thornewood Castle, is located in Lakewood, in close proximity to Tacoma. New movers will find the civic amenities and places of the city great with the presence of Clover Park School District, Lakewood Water District, Western State Hospital, and Fort Steilacoom Park.

Much like its name, Lakewood is a nature lover’s retreat with many lakes present within the city limits, such as Gravelly Lake, Lake Louise, Lake Steilacoom, and the Waughop Lake. The largest creek. Chambers Creek is a scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Lakewood is a proper international district of Washington state. In fact, you will find people from many cultures and countries, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Latino, Korean and more. You’ll find that the Tillicum neighborhood has half a non-English-speaking population.

Custom Homes In Lakewood

Custom Homes In Lakewood

If you are attracted by these features and plan to move to Lakewood, we will be your greatest confidante. At Diggs Custom Homes, we operate as custom homebuilders for people like you who are new to the building process.

Being a top-rated home builder, we work in many cities and counties all over the country, and Lakewood is one of them.

We assure you that our customized services will make your journey to building a dream home no less than a cakewalk. We will stand with you, from buying land to working with home designers and more.

Our Process

We will make it easy for you to build your dream home in Lakewood by ensuring due process.

Perfect Location

Perfect Location

Since our company has been in the business for a long time, we are in contact with many trusted land brokers in the area. This makes it easy for us to find the ideal location for your house.

We strongly recommend you also check the GIS map of Lakewood to gain detailed insights into the locations in the city and what all areas are suitable.

Getting Permits

Once you know the final location for your home, next comes the question of how do I apply for permits in Lakewood? You can surely go through some permitting guides for Lakewood to get an idea, but we also provide some help in this arena.

Over the years, we have built solid relationships with people in the building department of Lakewood. We know many local contractors who will inform you of all the local rules and general contractors.

Additionally, since the city is enclosed in the wraps of nature, you might find many rural areas. To that account, we will aid you in finding the best well driller (or public water purveyor/installer) and sewer/septic installer for your utility needs. With the right people, you will surely be able to build a house that looks good and is also solid from within.

These steps are necessities for any house, whether basement homes, farm homes, ranch, or even a cottage. With us, you will receive the right advice every step of the way.

Creating Home Design and Plans

Creating Home Design and Plans

Once all these not-so-interesting steps are completed, here comes the good part! Home designs and home plans.

The home building industry works both intrinsically and extrinsically:

  • First, we sort the interiors with due permits and legalities
  • Then, we focus on the aesthetic value.

To that account, we are connected with some great architects and home designers who will help your imagination of a dream house become a reality.

They will work with your choices, tastes, and needs to give a unique feel to your house. A new experience that you might not have felt all these years.

These home plans will not just focus on the beautification of your house but will also make sure that the utilitarian value of the house is intact.

Creating Home Design and Plans

Imagine having a house for 6 kids with just 3 bedrooms; that is no short of a recipe for chaos. These architects will understand both your short-term and long-term requirements to culminate a final plan that suits both of them.

Creating Home Design and Plans

Count on Digg Homes For Your Dream home in Lakewood

Along with these steps and the right people, we will come with our years of expertise to assist you on all matters, however big or small they are. So, you can count on us!

Once your dream house has been built, and you have moved to the city, we hope for you to have a beautiful and peaceful life in your new Diggs!

Send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out to you for a free consultation.

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