About Diggs Custom Homes

Diggs Custom Homes is a Northwest based, full-service custom home builder that offers a product line of obtainable and highly practical residential homes designed to meet the needs of today’s Northwest Home Buyer.

Diggs Custom Homes can be built on your existing vacant land as a primary residence or added as a DADU (Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit aka a “Mother-In-Law unit) on the same property as your current home. In addition, you can also build a SmallDiggs home on land that you are in the process of purchasing from Diggs Custom Homes or other sources.

Because we’re full-service, our team of construction and real estate industry professionals can assist with securing and preparing land for you to build on.

Our Product Lines:

Small Diggs | Cottage Series

Small practical homes.  Not tiny homes.  Small homes.  Small homes that mean practicality, sustainable living with style.  This collection of floor plans run from 400 to 1250 square feet of living space and are perfect as an ADU, backyard cottage, mother-in-law or as a rental investment.

Designer Diggs | Signature Series

Larger deluxe homes. Designer Diggs represents the best of Northwest living.  Practical homes for large families, empty nesters and those that simply want more elbow room.  Floor plans from 1250 to 4000 square feet are perfect for larger budgets, big families and more.

Multi-Diggs | Generation Series

Multi Diggs is our collection of next-generation, multi-generation, and duplex floor plans.  When mom needs to move in, why not give her and the family the space they need?  Also image generating an extra $1,000 per month in rental income?

Mission Statement

Providing pragmatic housing solutions through innovative design and completely rethinking the home building process to create attainable, practical homes for every generation.

Vision Statement

For “Diggs Custom Homes” to be the “Go to” brand and a household name when you think of smart, affordable and practical housing. Synonymous with Xerox, Google, Kleenex and other innovative leaders who have completely changed their industry. Our Diggs Custom Homes with stylish designs will be an industry-wide game changer. While many home builders focus on building expensive homes targeting the top 10%, Diggs Custom Homes is focused on the 90% of the market seeking something different. We are focused on solving real housing needs for the real people that need it while keeping our profits reasonable.

We love what we do and put people and attainable housing above profits, with full faith that in time the financial rewards will come with the sheer volume of helping people and change lives for the better through practical, new and clean housing for all.