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About Diggs Custom Homes

Diggs Custom Homes ( Aka “Diggs”) is a Northwest-based, new custom home builder that offers 5 product lines that range from small homes and ADUs (Backyard cottages) to economical value-engineered homes and detached garages to much larger luxury custom homes. We also build multi-family duplexes and townhomes plus a new hybrid called multi-generational homes, each designed to meet the needs of today’s Northwest Home Buyer.

Diggs Custom Homes can be built on your existing vacant land as a primary residence or added as a DADU (Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit aka a “Mother-In-Law unit) on the same property as your current home. In addition, you can also build a home on land that you own or are in the process of purchasing. We are called an “on your lot” custom home builder.

Our skilled team of construction and real estate industry professionals can assist with the entire process from securing land, site development and finally constructing the new home. What services we don’t directly offer, we certainly have a line-up of highly qualified professionals to help.

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Mission Statement

To break the mold of “on your lot” home builders abusing homebuyers by underpricing homes online and then overcharging throughout build. Diggs provides housing through honest, fully transparent pricing and truth-in-home building. You will never pay $1 more than you should. We provide better home designs that have superior curb appeal, with more beautiful upgrades which gives you more equity while staying within your budget. We want you to have pride of ownership and say “We love our Diggs”.

Vision Statement

“Diggs” naturally will be the “Go-to” brand when you think of building a new home. Our Custom Diggs offers fresh stylish designs with honest transparent pricing and we will continue to innovate the industry. Diggs is the business model of the future, Diggs Cost + Plus, fully transparent pricing and low overhead business model offering higher net home equity to home buyers will be an industry-wide game changer.

Bottom Line

We love helping people and creating long term relationships. We love designing homes and creating something beautiful. We love the challenges and rewards that come with building and the feeling of winning by overcoming the obstacle and serving our customers. We love solving problems. Where others get easily frustrated, we thrive. We are meant to be homebuilders. We have both vision and passion that you will see in every home we build.

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