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Are you looking to build a new home in Brinnon?
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Jefferson County Washington

We like to think about the concept of housing as a funny one. It is a basic human right; everyone is entitled to having a roof over their heads. But in America today, we both know of the gimmicks of the real estate industry and how investors would not stop raising their rates.

Some of them say this is to cope with its economic woes. But come to think of it, why do you have to allow the industry to toss you around when you can settle and build your home. Notice we said “Home” Yeah! Anyone could make some generic plans, stack one on top of the other, and create a house.


If you have been considering moving to Brinnon, you would have noticed that only a few houses are on sale, and they are often highly-priced. It takes an expert to build you a home. So, why don’t you get started with the top rated home builders at Custom Diggs? It is not that hard, we can promise you.  If you are in Brinnon, and looking to get started on your new home? We have got you covered.

Who says you can’t have your place? Who says buying land, and having to work with a quality home builder is expensive?  At Custom Diggs, we work with your budget; you do not have to grapple with housing that may not be the perfect fit for your family. Let us help you get started on a custom-built home, in the pacific northwest.

If you are ready to get started with us, you just made one of the best decisions. You just decided to pitch your tent with one of the best custom home builders. A move that would surely pay off and give you unreal value for your investment.

Below are our service offerings:

Superior And Accurate Estimation

Whoever you are, irrespective of what you want to get done? there is always a plan for you at Custom Diggs. We are a Pacific Northwest homebuilding outfit committed to providing you with quality, superior customer service while embodying the values of transparency.

We take time to build beautiful homes and have fun with you. With over 100 years of construction experience and 30 years experience in land and development experience, we are no fluke. We can say with confidence that we fully understand the entire buillding process, and we know how to construct highly valued homes for you. Over time, the experience we have garnered has helped us in permitting, design, planning, and every other aspect of homebuilding.

If you are in Brinnon and you are looking to have a Custom-made home built for you, this is why you should make that choice.

  • Quality Craftmanship
  • Fast delivery; We note the time when we are contracted to start building.
  • You are assured of a personalized experience: You want to be carried along through all the core processes of home building; you have got that with us. We take time to ensure optimum customer interaction and superior communication.

If you are in Brinnon or you are planning to move there, then you can nod your head in affirmation, and be at restm because we have got you covered. As one of the best and most relatable builders in Brinnon, in the Jefferson County of Washington, you are in safe hands. If you want luxury home builders, we would not relent till you get the best.

We are on the ground to offer you optimum services you cannot resist. We are passionate about making your settling into this relatively new home of yours as seamless as possible. Let us welcome you with surreal architectural details, structural integrity, and the coupling smell of fresh paint that shows you are making the right step in the right direction.

BrinnonDo you want to hear another thing that would surely blow your mind? As a trusted home builder over the years, we have made many links with land brokers in Brinnon. You can be sure we will be at the forefront of ensuring you get a good piece of land to build your new home. We have made credible links with business owners and you can be sure everything will do is officially certified.


For a start, we recommend you take a cursory look through the GIS map of Brinnon. This is to help you gain more insights into the nature of the land, the locality, and some other minor details you might be missing out on. Please do not fret; we will be with you through each step of the way so that you can make the right decision with confidence.

We are that good, and we are confident in our outputs. As home builders, we are in the best position to know that developing land is not as easy as “pulling a rabbit out of the hat.” Building on land can be a very intimidating process, as there are a lot of different factors to grapple with.

But do not worry, allow us to deal with all the paper works that would be developing when developing a new land in Brinnon. How about installing the utilities? We are on good terms with competent good drillers and septic tank installers that have been certified by the state of Washington. Simply click, and you will be taken to a comprehensive list of professionals.


We have the best professional relationship with local builders and contractors that adhere to every detail in building. We know every home is different, and every client has other specifications. So, you can be sure we are in talks with the best home designers to adhere to your every detail and give you what you want.

Whichever house plans you want, one- double or even multi-level homes, all dependent on your family size, note that we have covered you. We have some templates already, and you shall be provided with all the details to choose which suits you.

We know that custom-built homes reflect their owners’ tastes and unique personalities, so we have many choices for you. We have got you covered, from the traditional quaint cottages to the elegant farmhouses and modern homes incorporated with mid-century designs.

If you are conflicted, Brinnon, located in Jefferson County, has something to offer to everyone. It is a tight-knit community with folks of different cultures and backgrounds coming together to celebrate the rich cultural template of the area. Located in the scenic parts of Washington, and with the weather and cool ambiance it provides, it is a place you would enjoy.

We build in Brinnon, and we also cover other places like Thurston County, Rainier, Tenino, Yelm, Tumwater, and even some of the surrounding areas. So, do not hesitate to call on us; we are always on our phone, waiting to hear from you.

Please email sales@customdiggs.com or fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us and to see what Diggs can do for you!

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