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Port Hadlock-Irondale

Trying to have a home in Port Hadlock-Irondale may be very difficult if you do not have a good custom home builder to walk you through the process. Diggs Custom Homes is a professional custom home building company keen on meeting your building demands. Each of our local home builders is a professional in their field, and the experience you will have with us will be the best. We care about all of your housing needs and want you to be comfortable having your accommodation without stress and hassle.

Irondale is the first iron-producing blast furnace in Washington. Historically, the residential area is the upper Hadlock. In the late 1800s, the major companies that grew in Port Hadlock-Irondale were sawmills. Our local workers are aware of the history, and it helps them make the right decisions on what house best suits you. We walk you through the entire building process, from buying land to developing land. We also suggest the right materials to be used for your building. Our workers consider materials, your preference, comfort, and the surroundings to suggest the perfect building for you.


Custom Homes Port Hadlock-Irondale

Settling for a lesser option is not the best when you have the opportunity to choose the best from the rest. Diggs Custom Homes will make having a house in Port Hadlock-Irondale a stressless journey for you. All you need to do is contact us, and we will deliver beyond your expectations. Instead of overpromising you, we always beat the imaginations of our customers. Your comfort in your house is what we care about at Diggs, and that is what we offer.


You need not worry about your budget. It is one of those things we consider while working with you. You can build your own luxury home designs in Port Hadlock-Irondale without going beyond your budget. We consider your budget before suggesting custom buildings for you. Your personality and taste will also reflect the kind of house we will suggest to you. There is a wide range of custom-building designs that you can choose from. You can choose the modern farmhouse, sleek models, or quaint cottage designs. Whichever you choose from, we can deliver it with perfection and optimum professionalism.



The uniqueness of your building is paramount, and we hold it in high esteem. Your building taste differs from another family’s, and we know that. For this reason, we also ensure that your building reflects your uniqueness. We work with architects that know their job, and they understand the nitty-gritty of designs and the peculiarity of the environment. This understanding makes their delivery top-notch and standard. They make their design to suit your land’s landmass. They also tell you the best floorplans suitable for your building and design them with your permission.

Our workers

Our workers

Our workers are top rated home builders having all the required certification recognized by the state. You can be sure that we use high-quality products to construct your apartment. We use the best product for your building; we do not use sub-standard materials. Another thing that distinguishes us from other custom-building industries is that we build a very satisfying relationship with our workers. This relationship has helped us retain the best hand in Port Hadlock-Irondale.

The nature of your family also determines the kind of building structure our architects suggest for you. A multi-level custom building is usually suggested for families that accommodate visitors or family that has extended relatives staying with them. With this, family members can live in the same compound and yet have their privacy. Everyone is cool! You also have the freedom to choose from our various designs or decide to have an external architect design for you. It is entirely up to you to make that decision.


As an intending homeowner, we give you all the facts you need regarding pricing. Our pricing policy is clear with no form of secrecy. We boast that every house we have delivered from inception till date has received a great commendation from our clients. Our clients refer their friends and families to us because they trust our delivery. If you are thinking about having a new house in Port Hadlock Iron-dale, you do not need to spend more time searching. Your solution is here.

Why you should choose us

Diggs Custom Homes Port Hadlock-Irondale

Our designers take out time to create unique designs. Our time of delivery is the fastest you can have around. We do not only deliver with speed; we deliver with accuracy and precision. Another great quality that we possess is doing what other custom home builders run away from. Do you think the kind of building you desire is complicated, and no one can handle it? Contact us now, and let us help you with it.

Our process of achieving your building goal is very easy. Once you tell us what you want, we discuss the price, and our architectural designers start work on the design for you. You can look up the comprehensive process of how we get your job done here.

All you need do is contact us now to get your home delivered with absolute perfection.

To get in touch with us, fill the contact form below or email us at [email protected].

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