Building your home in Port Ludlow should not be hard Custom Diggs has got you covered

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Building your home in Port Ludlow
should not be hard Custom Diggs has got you covered

Jefferson County Washington

We don’t brag, In fact we have no reason to. We are not empty, and we know the value of what we are offering you. Well, why would we brag?  Only those without substance do that. With our years of experience in building custom homes and adhering to the specifications of different clients over time, we tell you the facts, show our workings, and leave you to make the decision.

Port Ludlow is a great place to be. With its warm climate, it is nestled in Jefferson County, and it boasts golf courses, a waterfront inn, a 300-slip marina, and exquisite residential neighborhoods. It is a nice place to invest and build your dream home. Just in case you are looking for luxury, here you have top quality luxury home builders at your call.

If you, like many others, have been thinking of settling in Port Ludlow, then we are here with an offer you should not ideally resist. We understand the state of the economy, rising costs, and house rents that don’t seem to reduce. But we know how to fit within your reasonable budget, while ensuring you still get quality.

Port Ludlow

If you are on the lookout for the best home for you, why don’t you commit your resources and build your home to taste based on your budget? You do not have to settle for the “Not so right” homes; let us get you a brand-new home. Let us help you build that home that fits your style as a person.

Let us help you get that fresh paint smell and a home that fully serves the needs of your household. At Custom Diggs, we value quality, take your concerns seriously, and work with your schedule. You can bet we would always be on the ground to build beautiful homes you can have fun in.

We are a pacific northwest custom building franchise with over 100 years of construction experience and 30 years of land planning and developmental experience. At Custom Diggs, you can be sure we would come through with some unreal effort, and with over 100 unique floorplans, we have 9 different categories of homes or  templates you can choose from.

Below are some of our home building plans

  • We have got the “Signature.”
    As the name suggests, the exclusive signature standard ensures you get high-level home fittings with the finest finishes that beat industry standards. This is also coupled with quality far above the average building grade. With our signature looks, you would be in for a home that stands the test of time.
  • There is the “Cost Plus” Plan
    Provide us with your budget, and let us work with it. At Custom Diggs, we have the exclusive hybrid construction building program that gives you all of the confidence of a fixed-price contract. This cost-plus arrangement also has transparency and a de-escalation clause of normal agreements.
  • Unique floor plans
    As we mentioned earlier, at our establishment, we have different unique floor plans for you to choose from. The authentic style-specific details guarantee your home has a custom look that gives you that bold and eye-catching appeal. Your home is your sanctuary; let’s help you make it so.

Now no one develops a home without the help of a trusted land broker. If you plan to come to Port Ludlow, you will not be building your “Castles in the air,” but not to worry. We have your back. We are affiliated with trusted land brokers that can help you find the best place that suits your budget and the type of home you want for yourself.

To fully understand the area’s landmarks, we recommend you check the GIS map of Port Ludlow. As expected, buying the land is the least of everything, but we are here to guide you and help you make the most informed decision.

With all the apparent quirks of the system, the whole building process is an intimidating one. But it is everything for your comfort and the work we are passionate about. We help you go all the way, and we handle the entire nitty-gritty while providing you with value. Just so you know, we do not mind getting our hands dirty.

If you are looking for how best to get permits for some facilities you intend to add to your home, such additions as a septic tank, laying pipes, or any other utilities you want to install, you can check the Port Ludlow permitting guide to know how best to engage our services. It works better when we understand our limits under the law.

Marrowstone County being a perfect location

We work well with septic installers and well drillers that provide quality and understand the value of work. They are qualified by the state of Washington and are ready to get started whenever you are. They will help ensure that your utilities are up to code and function for many years to come.

We pay attention to ensure we give you quality. We ensure we provide you with experienced local contractors that we trust with every detail in our building. We would take you through every step of the way and ensure you are not left behind. If you want to be a part of supervision, come around. You are entitled to it, and we would not keep anything from you.

Marrowstone County being a perfect location

After building homes for many years, we have understood that every home is unique to its owner. We work with qualified architects and home builders that would find the right fit for your family at any point in time. You have a big family, or your children have flown the nest, we have still got you covered.

If you are new and big on exploring this new chapter of your life, we also have you in mind. If you intend to stay for long and enjoy all that nature and the culture have to offer you, we have multi-level homes to offer you. Let us help you nicely settle in Port Ludlow.

We believe that your custom home should reflect your personality and all your tastes. We have different styled homes to offer you, from the traditionally styled homes to cottages and elegantly styled and properly furnished farmhouses and intricate contemporary designs and mid-century models.

Please email [email protected] or fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us and to see what Diggs can do for you!

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