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More and more bachelors, families, and adults are moving to Milton these days. Are you one of them? If yes, we have got you covered! The city has a rich history, parks and trails, and recreational activities for you to enjoy.

Milton- A Community

Milton- A Community

In the towering evergreens, a mill was built on a hill that overlooked the Puyallup valley in the early 1890s. The first-ever settlement here was referred to as Mill Town and constituted some homesteaders and lumber camp workers responsible for furnishing timber to feed this mill. This is how we got the name Milton.

Milton has a massive reserve of nature in the form of parks like Hill Tower Park, Milltown Commons Skatepark, Milton Community Park, Milton Interurban Trail, Olympic View Park, West Milton Natural Preserve, and West Milton Park.

In terms of sites of attraction, the city has a Milton/Edgewood Library that is usually open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

Moreover, Milton emphasizes the importance of community value a lot. To that account, many community events are conducted throughout the year, such as Craft Bazaar, Santa Parade, and Milton Days.

Build Your Dream Home in Milton

Build Your Dream Home in Milton

If these features of Milton attract you to the idea of building your own home in the city, you are at the right place. We are top-rated home builders who aim to help people in the building process of their homes.

Having seen the anxieties involved with building a house on your own amongst people, we bring to you the proper assistance that will save your time and effort.

We help with all kinds of designer houses, including the following:

  • Traditional homes
  • Modern homes
  • Luxury home designs
  • Contemporary homes.

The types of homes can vary from a midcentury ranch, cottage, farmhouse, and even regular homes like one story/ one level, two-story/ two-level, and multilevel homes.

The Process of Building Your Dream Home

Diggs Custom Homes has a streamlined process to help you build your dream home.

Buying Land

Buying Land

The first step of building a house in Milton is buying the land for the home. Now, you will need to know the localities and active areas in the city to understand which place would suit you better.

We suggest you get ahold of a GIS map of the city of Milton, Washington. This map will highlight all the geographical locations and points such as schools, markets, banks, etc.

Since we have been dealing with the home building process in this city of the Pacific Northwest for a long time, we can get you in touch with a land broker to help you get the ideal spot to build your dream home. Isn’t that amazing?

Securing Permits

Next up comes the question: How will I apply for permits in Milton? Well, no worries, as this is a relatively simple process:

  • The first step is to know the permitting rules in the city. You can go through some permitting guides available on the internet for Milton to get an idea.
  • We will connect you with someone we know from the building department since Milton is a common home building ground for us.
  • You will then be in direct contact with local contractors and Diggs staff. These people are the ones who will inform you about all the local regulations clubbed with any other detail which have been missed.

A city like Milton in Washington will also have some rules set for the piping and drainage systems. We will arrange a reputed septic installer and a good driller in the city to aid you in this process.

While you might think this is unnecessary, believe us when we say your house will be incomplete without a certified check from OSS designers or professional engineers in the city.

Designing and Planning Your Home

Designing and Planning Your Home

Lastly comes an essential but fun step, engaging with architects and home designers. We aim to support you through this step, as well as we have been aiding you through the previous ones.

Here, we always stress to our customers not to go according to the crowd but to understand their personal needs.

For instance, a bachelor pad and a family home will have different home plans and designs. Moreover, the aesthetics inside the houses will also be very different from each other, not just the architecture.

So, always remember to tell your story through team architects and home designers’ skills. You should also pay attention to your future needs and long-term goals. If you are eventually retiring, your kids are getting married, and moving away soon, investing in a multi-story house may not be the best decision.

Chill In your Newly Built Dream Home in Milton

Now that you are done with moving to Milton, building a new home, and finalizing the home design, all you need to do is wait for the work to be completed. Once finished, you can chill-out and relax in your dream house.

We look forward to your move to the peaceful and beautiful city in a home that we have built with love for you.

Send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out to you for a free consultation.

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