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Are you amongst the many people who plan on moving to Orting? Well, rest assured you are at the right place. Orting is one of the oldest cities in Washington state and is present in the foothills of the Rainier Mountain, in between the Carbon and Puyallup rivers.

Orting- The Oldest City in Washington

Orting- The Oldest City in Washington

Orting is an old turn of the century village with a range of recreational areas like tree-filled parks, catching the beautiful views of Mt. Rainier, and more than 15 restaurants.

You will also find many schools and a friendly vibe among the residents, which makes Orting a fabulous place to start a family, shift post-retirement or even establish a business.

In terms of commerce, Orting’s primary business occupation in the area has been the logging and production industries. The business of bulb frames and Christmas tree also support their economy.

Historically, it has also been a supply town to coal mining towns like Carbonado and Wilkeson. The city of Orting is also close to Washington State Route 162, and the nearest Sounder commuter rail station is located in Sumner, Washington state.

You can also enjoy the Pierce County Foothills Trail, which is a paved trail running from Orting to South Prairie in one direction and going till Sumner in the other one. Bring your bikes!

Currently, the city has 50 acres of land available for mixed-use development situated right beside Highway 162.

Orting- The Oldest City in Washington

Custom Homes in Orting

Securing Your Permits

If you wish to relocate to the beautiful city of Orting and build a home for your family, we at Diggs Customs Homes are here to help. Enrolling with us will open a range of services to you to enjoy the process of building homes rather than feeling overwhelmed with it.

Once you are associated with us, we will make it our priority to serve you in the best manner and provide the assistance that you require.

Our Process

Diggs Custom Homes’ process is streamlined and will help you build your home without much hassle.

Buying Land

Let’s start with the first step of building a home – finding and buying land. If you aim of developing land, you will first need to find the right area or location.

Diggs Custom homes have made connections with a number of reputed land brokers to find the ideal place.

You can also go through the GIS map of the city to understand the locality and the services present near your intended space.

Developing Your Land and Securing Permits

Once the land has been bought, here comes the next step – land development. And with land development, the question areas ‘how do I apply for permits’?

Some of the answers will be available on online guides talking about permitting in the city. For in-depth knowledge and accurate information, you will be put in touch with our local contractors and Diggs general contractors.

Developing Your Land and Securing Permits

With these aspects done, you will now be directed toward working installation utilities in your location with the help of our connect at the building department. The city is currently a commercial work in progress and thus, has a lot of expansion capacity in the water and sewer utilities.

Our exclusive well drillers and septic installers have been certified by Washington state to set updated utilities according to regulations.

Designing and Planning Your Homes

Every household and family is different. And this is why we understand that the process of building homes should also be customized and different for different clients. While the internal framework of the two houses might be similar, the main distinguishing factor is the home design and the home plan.

Home plans will involve the following:

  • The number of rooms
  • Levels in the home
  • Floor plans
  • Size
  • Garage space
  • Storage
  • The home’s aesthetics.

For instance, if you don’t have any kids or have just recently retired, you can comfortably live in a one-level house.

On the other hand, if you have a big family or plan on building a big family, it is of utmost importance that you plan the house and levels of the home accordingly. It will be a waste of time, effort, and money if the home you build does not fit your future needs or family plans.

So, we strongly recommend discussing both your present choices and future needs with the architect and home designer. This way, they will know the strength of the family and can suggest to you the possible home plans accordingly. Additionally, do let them know your taste and aesthetics so that they can include that in the home design too.

This is one of the main reasons why we stress building custom homes. You are unique, your home should be too. Whether you build a ranch, a modern home, a cottage, or a basement home, you should try to bring out a taste of yourself in the home. An existing house or off the shelf pre-designed box house may not provide you with the homey feeling you want and deserve.

Settle Comfortably in Orting

Once the architectural and home designing work is done, you will be ready to settle in the beautiful city of Orting!

Send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out to you for a free consultation.

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