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Build your custom home in Grand Mound: Find Your Perfect Spot Today

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Diggs Dirt Works is a comprehensive service provider for land clearing, excavation, and site preparation services. They are capable of providing a diverse range of services to the residents and businesses of Grand Mound, WA located in Thurston County. Below are the services offered by Diggs Dirt Works in detail:

Land clearing and perk holes for feasibility studies

Diggs Dirt Works offers land clearing services that are essential for the preparation of land before construction or development projects. They can clear the land of trees, bushes, rocks, and debris to make it suitable for future use. They can also dig perk holes for feasibility studies to assess the soil condition, ensuring the land is suitable for your project.

Large and small land acreage

Diggs Dirt Works can handle land clearing projects of all sizes, whether it is a small residential lot or a large commercial acreage.

Land/lot clearing and mulching

They also provide lot clearing services to clear out debris, shrubs, and trees to make space for a new building or landscaping. They can also mulch the debris for use in landscaping or composting.

Tree removal service

Diggs Dirt Works provides tree removal services that are essential for safety and to make way for development projects. They can also assist in stump grinding and removal.

Driveway clearing and rough preparation

They can clear driveways of debris, bushes, and rocks, and provide rough preparation services to ensure a smooth and stable driveway.

Blackberry/scotch broom/shrub removal

Diggs Dirt Works can clear out invasive species such as blackberry and scotch broom that can damage the soil and take over the land.

Thistle/tansy – invasive species eradication

They can also remove other invasive species such as thistle and tansy, which can pose a threat to the environment.

Stump grinding and/or removal

Diggs Dirt Works can assist in the removal of tree stumps that can be an obstacle in your project.

Brush mowing

They provide brush mowing services to clear overgrown vegetation that can become a fire hazard or obstruct a view.

Pasture and field mowing

Diggs Dirt Works can provide mowing services to maintain pasture and fields, ensuring healthy growth and preventing the spread of invasive species.

Excavator mulching

They use excavator mulching to remove unwanted vegetation, trees, and stumps, and to clear land for new projects.

Skid steer mulching

They also use skid steer mulching to clear land and maintain landscape health.

Hillside and viewscape clearing

Diggs Dirt Works can clear hillside areas, creating a safer environment and opening up views for residential and commercial projects.

Forest/tree thinning

They provide tree thinning services, ensuring that the remaining trees have enough room to grow and are healthy.

Storm debris clean-up

They can assist in storm debris clean-up, removing debris that can become a hazard.

Commercial mowing and mulching

They provide commercial mowing and mulching services to maintain large properties.

Right of way clearing for power lines, pipelines, cell towers, roadways, and driveways

Diggs Dirt Works can clear right of ways for power lines, pipelines, cell towers, roadways, and driveways, ensuring safety and uninterrupted service.

4x4, ATV, camping, hunting trail creation

They provide trail creation services for recreational activities, creating a safer and more enjoyable experience for the users.

Forest fire prevention, fuel reduction

They can assist in preventing forest fires by reducing fuel sources and maintaining healthy forest growth.

Timber and logging cleanup

Diggs Dirt Works can provide timber and logging cleanup services.

Diggs Custom Homes
If you are looking for a new place to call home, there is no better time than now. And with the vast amount of vacant land available in Grand Mound, all it takes is a phone call or a click on our website to start building your dream home.

With a plethora of natural parks, exciting restaurants and breweries, trails for hiking and biking, and the bustling waterfront with access to fishing, sailing and swimming – there’s something for everyone to enjoy during their time in Grand Mound County.

We are Custom Homebuilders
You and your family can visit one of the many natural parks or walk on one of the many trails before grabbing a bite at any awesome restaurants and breweries around town. Or visit Millersylvania Park to enjoy the beaches or take advantage of all the boating and swimming opportunities.

You’ll find a wealth of information at the Grand Mound County Chamber of Commerce. It’s a great starting point for those interested in scaling their carrier or business to the next level.


Diggs Dirt Works: The Trusted Provider of Professional Land Clearing and Dirt Work Services in Grand Mound, WA

When it comes to land clearing and dirt work services, it is crucial to work with a reliable and experienced provider. In Grand Mound, WA, Diggs Dirt Works has built a reputation as the go-to company for landowners who need high-quality and efficient services for their projects. With a team of skilled professionals and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Diggs Dirt Works stands out as a top choice for anyone looking for land clearing, excavation, and grading services in Thurston County and the surrounding areas.

Who is Diggs Dirt Works?

Diggs Dirt Works is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Grand Mound, WA community for many years.

The team at Diggs Dirt Works is comprised of skilled professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of land clearing, excavation, grading, and dirt work. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to delivering superior results that meet or exceed the expectations of their clients. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, Diggs Dirt Works is committed to providing high-quality services that are both cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

What Services Does Diggs Dirt Works Offer?

Diggs Dirt Works provides a wide range of land clearing and dirt work services to meet the needs of its clients in Grand Mound, WA and the surrounding areas. Some of the company’s most popular services include:

Land Clearing

Diggs Dirt Works provides comprehensive land clearing services that involve removing trees, shrubs, and other vegetation from a property. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to clear the land quickly and efficiently, leaving the property ready for development.


Diggs Dirt Works offers excavation services that involve digging, moving, and grading soil and other materials to prepare a site for construction. The company’s team of professionals has extensive experience in excavation work and can handle even the most challenging projects with ease.


The company’s grading services involve leveling the ground and creating a slope or contour that is suitable for the intended use of the property. Diggs Dirt Works uses advanced equipment and technology to ensure accurate and precise grading that meets the needs of its clients.

Dirt Work

Diggs Dirt Works provides a variety of dirt work services, including backfilling, compaction, and soil stabilization. The company’s team of professionals has the skills and expertise to handle all types of dirt work projects, from small residential projects to large-scale commercial developments.

Why Choose Diggs Dirt Works?

There are many reasons why Diggs Dirt Works stands out as the preferred provider of land clearing and dirt work services in Grand Mound, WA. Some of the key benefits of working with the company include:


With years of experience in the industry, Diggs Dirt Works has the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most complex projects with ease. The company’s team of professionals has worked on a wide range of projects, from small residential sites to large commercial developments.

Personalized Service

Diggs Dirt Works takes pride in providing personalized service to each of its clients. The company works closely with its clients to understand their unique needs and develops customized solutions that meet or exceed their expectations.

Quality of Work e

Diggs Dirt Works is committed to delivering high-quality work that is both efficient and effective. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that


In addition to providing top-quality land clearing and dirt work services, Diggs Dirt Works is also affiliated with Diggs Custom Homes, a leading general contractor and home builder in Grand Mound, WA. As a one-stop-shop for all your construction needs, Diggs Custom Homes can help you build the custom home of your dreams, from the initial design phase all the way through to the final construction process.

At Diggs Custom Homes, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship. We specialize in all aspects of custom home building, including architectural home design, land development, permitting, and home construction. Our focus is on creating beautiful, functional, and energy-efficient homes that meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Whether you are looking to build a small, cozy cottage or a large, luxurious estate, we can help you bring your vision to life. We offer a wide range of customizable floor plans and can work with you to create a custom design that reflects your style, budget, and preferences. From start to finish, we will work closely with you to ensure that every detail of your new home is perfect.

Our land development services include site analysis, feasibility studies, and site planning to ensure that your property is suitable for the home you want to build. We also handle all aspects of permitting, including obtaining necessary approvals and permits from local authorities.

When it comes to home construction, we use only the highest quality materials and work with trusted subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that your home is built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We also offer a range of energy-efficient features and smart home technology options to help you save money on energy bills and enhance your comfort and convenience.

At Diggs Custom Homes, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. With our team of experienced professionals and our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver the home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to start building your new custom home in Grand Mound, WA.

At Diggs Custom Home, We Provide a Hand to Hold and a Voice to Guide

Finding the perfect home for your family can be challenging. It isn’t easy to find what you need with limited inventory and high prices.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope. Consider a custom build – where you and your future family decide every detail. Of course, buying land is just the beginning; we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Our professional team will help you find your dream lot and build the home of your dreams. We recommend checking the Grand Mound -Thurston County GIS Map to identify the right location that suits your personality.

From figuring out where to get your utilities installed, getting all necessary Building Permits in Grand Mound Washington, and making sure they’re up-to-code to working with local suppliers and contractors we’ve come to trust through the years – you can count on us for all your needs.

Our land broker service provides you with a personal advisor who will guide you through every step of the process to ensure you buy the perfect lot. Here are some of the site related tasks that we can help with:

  • Mobile Home Re-titling.
  • Manufactured home replacement (single-wide, double-wide, triple-wide) Well drilling.
  • Septic design and septic installation.
  • Tree removal and land clearing.
  • Land excavation.
  • Utility trenching and connection.
  • Building a new road (gravel, asphalt, or concrete).
  • Saw cutting concrete or asphalt.
  • Video scoping utilities.
  • As-builts.
  • Real estate land services.
  • Basement moisture intrusion systems Soil amendment.
  • Land use issues.
  • Ground de-watering.
  • Public Works.
  • Import & Export of soils And much more.

Our team of experts understands the needs of every individual, and we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for your lifestyle. We have a wide range of designs and floor plans so that no matter what stage in life you’re in, there’s something perfect for you.

From traditional cottages to contemporary designs, we want to ensure that every detail is perfect for you and your family. Our luxury home designs are a cut above other options, and we think you’ll agree once they start coming together!

Why Hire Digg Custom Home Builders

  • Top-rated contractors
    Diggs Custom Home is a top-rated home builder that has worked with hundreds of customers in and around Washington. What sets us apart from other local builders is our business model. While most builders have a regional reach of 30 miles, we cover all of Western Washington state using our vetted high-quality subcontractors, ensuring consistent quality service and products across all counties.
  • Our ethics
    It’s easy to get cheap basement builders, but we value building good homes and treat our customers right. For example, many of our competitors skip quality control checks to hit an unrealistic timeline. They build homes too fast and quality can be compromised. We believe in a long-term approach that doesn’t sacrifice quality for speed; we won’t ask you to compromise on your home just because someone else does.
  • Reputable
    Our clients come first—we want you to be happy with your purchase so that you think of us first when it comes time to sell. We offer warranties on all our projects, and why we don’t take shortcuts during construction.
  • Honest
    The best part about building with us is that we don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need or want. It all comes down to your needs and wants when deciding which features or upgrades will be included in your new home. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality home that will last for years.

Contact Us for All Your Custom Home Building Needs

The process of building a custom home can be quite daunting. There are many things to consider: floor plans, bathrooms, kitchens, lighting fixtures—the list goes on and on. However, what you’ll find with our custom home builders is that we guide you through each step of your project to make it fun instead of overwhelming. We take care of all that boring stuff so you can enjoy designing your dream home!

Our contractors are not only qualified but trained on how to handle difficult customers and situations. We handle any delays quickly and keep our builds moving forward smoothly, without sacrificing quality.

With years of experience working together, we have built a relationship that allows us to anticipate any problems that may arise throughout a project or construction process; without fail, we will be there when you need us most.

In addition to offering first-rate customer service, we offer competitive pricing for both commercial and residential projects. For more information, email or fill out the easy contact form below.

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