Why Diggs

Why Diggs

We Know You Have Options.

There are other builders and everyone will tell you why they are the best…but, we are more than just words. At Diggs, you will not feel like just a number. You will be treated as a top priority.

Here are 3 Great Reasons to Build With Us.

REASON #1 – We Care

REASON #3 – We Focus On Quality Not Quantity

There is a saying that goes: “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

We want you to know that we are always listening to you. We care about your wants, needs, and desires. We understand that this is one of the largest and most important financial decisions of your life, and it means everything to you. That’s why it means everything to us.

This is the house that you will call “home” after a long day’s work. Where you raise your babies or play with your grandchildren on the carpet. Where you wake to that morning coffee in the peaceful sanctuary that you’ve created. Where you will look back and remember all of those Thanksgiving dinners, family nights, birthdays, as well as all of the tears and laughter through the years.

We understand that your home plays a key role in your life, and that is why we consider it the ultimate privilege to help you build not a house, but a home that you will call your own for many years to come. In short, build with us because we truly get it, and we truly care.

REASON #2 – We Are Transparent

Homebuilding can be a tricky business these days when there are competitors luring in customers with low introductory prices, only later to over-charge in overpriced upgrades or other undisclosed costs to make up the difference. Many times, these “upgrades” can be 150%-200% over market price and add an additional $40k – $80k – $100K to the final costs.

Not only do we offer a cost-plus program to avoid these hidden fees, but we also offer full and complete pricing transparency so you will never get hit with charges you never knew that you signed up for.

You will have 24/7 access to Buildertrend, our professional scheduling, budget, and communication platform, which will allow you to see any and all invoices, communications, change orders, labor costs, etc. You can audit your own books anytime you want – monthly, weekly, or even daily. For your convenience, the Buildertrend app can be accessed by phone, tablet, or computer any time, anywhere. We want you to be in the know.

REASON #2 – We Are Transparent

REASON #3 – We Focus On Quality
Not Quantity

REASON #3 – We Focus On Quality Not Quantity

You can think of us as your boutique homebuilder. We spend focused time on each project to ensure we are able to perform to the customer’s expectations. The quality of customer service and communication is a critical component in the entire process. Although we are not perfect, it is that to which we strive.

You are a unique person and your house should represent your style and values. We know that our customers do not belong in a cookie cutter world, so we do not want to build them a cookie cutter house. No two customer’s wants or needs are the same, and we respect that. With this type of focus on design and style, you can be sure that your home won’t look like every other one on the block.

Diggs is a limited production and new home builder with a focus on building amazing homes only in the Puget Sound region. Because of our desire to build quality and not quantity, we don’t take every project that comes to us. We don’t spread our staff and crews too thin by building in multiple states, or even outside of our region. We don’t overbook our schedule or promise unrealistic build times and completion move-in dates that we can’t honor.

We want to go to sleep at night satisfied knowing that our customers are happy and are treated with honesty and integrity. Your exceeded satisfaction is the goal, and that’s why we are here.

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