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Our Exclusive Premium Luxury Building Specifications are refined and designed for an uncompromising fit and finish. We build with a critical eye and pay close attention to fine details. This is luxury at its finest starting from the inspiring design followed by the quality construction materials and high-end finishes to the highly skilled tradespeople that carefully install them. This premium finish represents the “Best of the Best” with the top of the line materials and components, and this is the high standard to which all of our homes are built.

What is a Level 8 finish?

Diggs Level 8 Signature Specifications is measured on a scale of 1-10. Level 8 represents a high level of finish.

Is the Level 8 finish just for materials or anything else?

The Level 8 finish is not only for a higher quality finish (Flooring, countertops, plumbing, etc. ) but also other construction components as well as a higher quality sub-base. The overall fit and finish of the home is at a higher level.

Additionally, Diggs has compared and evaluated other home builders within the industry and specifically evaluating their subcontractor work quality and we have determined that the standard industry quality being delivered does not represent Diggs’s quality that we want to have in our homes. Work focused on speed and low cost is a recipe for lack of quality. Builders that underpay subs to offer a lower “internet” price end up with subs that do a 5-day job in 2 days to make-up for the discounted price. The home costs less but underneath the new paint job is a poor plumbing job, wiring job, insulating job, crooked windows, doors, walls etc. In construction think of 3 sides to a pyramid. Each corner of the 3 sides represents 1) Price 2) Quality 3) Speed. You can only have 2 out of the 3. If you get a low price and a quick build, you will lack the quality, durability and fit and finish. It’s just reality. Diggs #1 focus is on higher quality at a fair price and built within a reasonable period of time.

We are building our reputation based on an overall higher quality product and better fit that will stand the test of time.

Can I modify the Level 8 to a Level 6 or 7?

Yes. Our Signature Specifications are the “Starting” point. It is typically the highest price you will pay for a quality home. The price can certainly come down by way of alternate material selections of typically hard surfaces (Flooring and countertops), Cabinetry, Lighting, and Plumbing. There are some other items that you can elect to perform as the homeowner such as home painting, deck/concrete install etc. We will not change our quality sub-contractors for lower priced/lower quality subs to save money. Diggs stands behind every home with both our warranty and reputation so the construction quality must remain at a higher level even though the material selections may be lowered to save money.

Can I have Diggs choose materials from Home Depot, Lowes, or another popular supplier to save money?

Sorry, unfortunately not. We only purchase our materials from our authorized suppliers for a number of reasons, including: product delivery delays, missing parts, damaged parts, discontinued products, non-warrantable products, installers lack of warranty of 3rd party parts, site delivery and return logistics, among many other issues.

Can I have my “friend” who is an (Electrician/Plumber/HVAC) complete that work item?

Yes. We can use your contractor friend or family member if they sign our subcontractor agreement packet and we are able to vet out their work by way of site visits and they are licensed, bonded and insured. Diggs will still make our typical profit margin on the item but if they do the labor for free or give you materials at a discount, you will receive that direct cost savings.

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