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Planning, Management, & Sub-base

We utilize careful planning and strategic development to ensure a high quality build.

  • Total Project Consultation and Analysis, including; Project Budget Analysis, Land Pre-Feasibility*, Home Design and Modifications, Engineering, Site Development, Utility Connections, Excavation and Grading, Drainage, Critical Areas, and Permitting (Diggs provides consultation only on these items, unless contracted to do the work)
  • Experienced Quality Professional Tradespeople, Fully Vetted, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for a Better Built Home, Meticulous Fit and Finish, Built on Time, Built to Last
  • 3rd Party Professional Referrals for all Homeowner Responsibility Items
  • Homeowner Responsibility, Construction Guidelines, and Action Plan Check List
  • On-Site Pre-Construction Meetings (COMS) with Development Teams
  • Access to Buildertrend Professional Construction Management Software with 24/7 Access for Project Management Status, Budget Auditing, Communications, Scheduling, Progress Imagery, Videos, Documents, To-Do’s, Messaging, RFI Tracking, and More (Includes Mobile App)
  • Job Site Clean Up, Scraps/Waste and Debris Removal, including Professional Final Home Cleaning
  • Experienced, Highly Skilled Professional Project Management and Communication
  • Pre-Insulation Humidity & Moisture Control (Dry-Out/Ventilation/Crawlspace Pumping if Required)

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