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Does moving to Fife in Washington, America attract you? Well, with a great blend of classic American dining, an illustrious historical representation, and many ways to recreate, the city is a dream to live in.

The Fife Life

The Fife Life

The city of Fife, once known as a small farming town in the Washington state has altered into a modern zone of industrial, residential, community, and retail activities. You get an array of benefits like living in Tacoma, except for any parking problems!

On top of that, Fife is usually called the halfway and half-price city, mainly due to its proximity to Seattle- Tacoma International Airport, Tacoma Dome, Interstate – 5, Port of Tacoma, other big cities, and the bustling presence of affordable hotels and housing.

If you enjoy harvest festivals, car shows, or annual holiday events like History Museum or Dacca Barn, Fife has all of them and more. It’s no shocker that Americans are quickly moving to the city to enjoy its dynamic nature.

The city of Fife in Washington also offers many open spaces and walkable trails, such as the renowned off-leash dog park. Fife boasts of an award-winning school district, reduced tax rates, and a no B+O tax making it a sweet spot for families and starting a business.

Custom Homes in Fife

If these attractive features have got you fixed and you plan on buying land in Fife, we, a top-rated home builder, are here to help you on this journey.

Now, your house choice could vary from modern homes to a cottage to a ranch, but what remains common is our expertise and the comfort we bring to our customers.

Since buying land is a priority in the building process and moving to Fife, you should look at the Fife GIS map to know the localities and surroundings that suit you the most. If you are a family with two school-going kids, perhaps, going to an area close to the school for your home plans might be helpful.

Custom Homes in Fife

We understand that shifting to an unknown city and engaging in the building process can be difficult for new home buyers. This is the main reason why we began our business of becoming a quality home builder firm.

Over the years, we have built close relationships with land brokers in Washington state to ensure that our clients find the perfect location for themselves in their dream city.

The Services We Provide You

The next burning question is – “how do I apply for permits?”. Well, this is a dreaded situation that most new home buyers go through. So, here are our suggestions to overcome the permits challenge and the process of getting your dream home:

The Services We Provide You

Our services are widespread and are meant to make your time while building a home, the most beautiful journey for modern and traditional homes in Fife.

  • We suggest you go through a permitting guide for Fife to get some answers on the installation of utilities.
  • Once you know the rules, we will connect you with some of the best sewer/septic installers and the state of Washington’s qualified well drillers to make sure your utilities are on par with the codes.
  • As professional home builders, we have had the privilege to build strong personal relationships with many local contractors in Fife that you and we can trust.
  • We come to the most exciting part about building a home – investing in good architects and home designers.

Creating Aesthetic Custom Homes

Each home should have an aesthetic or a story attached, which defines the people inside. How does this happen, though?

This occurs when effective home designs and home plans are curated according to the residents’ tastes.

Our years of expertise in building custom homes have helped us get in touch with some of the best architects in the country. These professional home designers understand the value of the right home plans and user-suited customizations.

Creating Aesthetic Custom Homes

We will also provide a range of set home plans and home designs to give you a head start on this journey and understand the present trends for both interiors and exteriors.

Home designing will also depend mainly on the number of people meant to live inside.

Suppose you are a couple looking for a nice love nest. A one-level house might be perfect for you.

On the other hand, families consisting of multiple generations might be better suited for a multi-story or multi-level homes to accommodate everyone. Diggs does duplexes and townhomes too!

Have Your Dream Home in Fife with Diggs Custom Homes

The discussions and final decisions regarding your dream home can be taken in our conversations while we build you a dream home like never before!

Invest in our capabilities of customizing your home according to your needs or desires, and we assure you that you will not regret it.

Once you build the house of your dreams in Fife, you can live a peaceful yet socially active life with the regular drink-ups and classic diners in the city. The Fife Chambers of Commerce are present in Pierce County, WA, and are substantial opportunity hubs for people interested in business or civic functions and activities.

Send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out to you for a free consultation.

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