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Build Your New Dream Home
In Maytown, Washington

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Have you been eyeing the luxurious serenity of Maytown, Thurston County, Washington for your new sanctuary? Perhaps viewing Maytown as your future retirement home when your children go off to college. With CustomsDiggs custom homes, you can turn your dream of having a custom Washington home into a reality. As one of the top rated home builders, CustomsDiggs offers one of the most exclusive design aesthetics for your new sweet home.

Why Maytown, Washington?


As part of Thurston County, Maytown enjoys a very sound, peaceful environment in all of Washington State. The local chamber of commerce also facilitates the country’s development and oversees industrial projects that attend to the well-being of its inhabitants.

Moving To Maytown, Washington

The Pacific Northwest offers serenity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. With tall trees, fresh lakes, and natural water creeks, the area is nothing less of an Eden for you and your family.

Located a few miles West of Deep Lake, you can enjoy the solitude and the peacefulness that these Washington State woods have to offer. With the I-5 interstate just around the corner from the city center, you can easily drive up to Seattle within an hour.

Maytown is the perfect combination of nature, society, and civilization. Powered by Puget Sound Energy, the leading provider of energy for consumer-grade energy, the local folks of Maytown, Washington enjoy seamless connectivity with the rest of the world while enjoying the blissful experience of being surrounded by mother nature in all her glory.

Custom Home Builders In Maytown

CustomDiggs understands what aspiring homeowners go through. Either they have trouble finding the perfect home for themselves and their loved ones or they only find homes that are priced way outside their budget. Most of the time, these houses just aren’t what they’re looking for in their new homes.

We offer a custom home building solution in Maytown, Washington so you can have your home look and feel the exact same way as you want. We understand the process, have the know-how, and understand these areas like the back of our hands.

Custom Home Builders In Maytown

Buying Land In Maytown

Buying Land In Maytown

CustomDiggs offers a complete home-building process so you can focus on the joy of building a new home. We work with surveyors and land brokers to help you find the best lot value in the area.

Understanding land and its associated value isn’t everyone’s ballgame. This is why CustomDiggs assists you in the process of finding the right piece of land for your new home in Maytown, Washington, compliant with the Thurston County’s Permitting Guide. CustomDiggs is also familiar with all the maps and GIS of the county so your new Maytown home can avail the best facilities as a resident.

If you acquire a new piece of land, CustomDiggs assists you in closing the best deal for the best piece of land. If you have your eyes on an existing property, CustomDiggs assists you in performing a complete survey of the property so can make an informed decision.

With a deep understanding of Thurston County’s regulations around septic design and approval criteria, we make sure that your ideal land is not only majestic but also compliant and easy to acquire.

Architectural Design

Our team is perfectly equipped that caters to not only the County’s general requirements for homes but also to the vision you have in your mind for your new home.

CustomDiggs can help you make modifications to the design and architectural plans if you require any.  We ensure that everything that you want in your new Maytown home is adequately provided. Our plans are written down on paper and finalized by you before any construction begins.

Building Your Home

The colors, the finishes, the floor, the wood, the ceiling – now comes the time when we have fun together!

We ensure that our clients get the best of the best when it comes to choosing the materials that are going to be part of their and their children’s lives. CustomDiggs only works with premium quality products in accordance with its Selections Policy.

May Your Maytown Home Last Foverer

The structural and civil engineers kick off their work with a bang. Whether you already live near Maytown, Washington, or not, we arrange visits for you to preview the construction process so you can savor the moments leading up to having a new sanctuary.

We at CustomDiggs work hard to ensure that the selections, the choices, and the prices you’ve been quoted are not exceeded and you can have a new Maytown home without any additional cost.

Please email [email protected] or fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us and to see what Diggs can do for you!

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