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Fircrest in Washington state or more popularly referred to as The Jewel of Pierce County is a city that has attracted many Americans over the years. It is a friendly and socially active city with a very high quality of life index.

Fircrest- A Residential Park

Fircrest- A Residential Park

The city was built as a ‘residential park, an enchanting sport to enjoy life and raise a family’ by financers from San Francisco. This motivation steered them to buy a parcel of land west of Tacoma and called the area Regents Park.

Regents Park had curved, amazingly well-designed streets, sewers, and sidewalks. This very Regents Park was slater incorporated into what you call Fircrest today,  in 1925.

The incorporation aided them in starting a new community and provided the city dwellers with the financial strength and control to better the services and infrastructure of the city.

Residents love the city’s vibe, which involves many community events, an active department for recreation, and much committed public/civil servants. The Local Chamber of Commerce of Fircrest is a hub of business opportunities.

Fircrest has more than 30 chainsaw sculptures, six gorgeous parks, and, just like its name, an urban forest consisting of fir trees.

If you have continued reading till now, we are sure you are interested in buying a home at Fircrest.

Fircrest- A Residential Park

Custom Homes in Fircrest By Us

Well, look no further as we decode the step-by-step process of moving to Fircrest and building the home of your dream.

And who are we? We are a custom design builder for homes who will be your friend throughout the building process. The process might be overwhelming to those new to the field, but we are sure that assistance from our advisors will put you on the map to build the best house ever.

Our Process

Let’s start understanding home building in Fircrest.

Our Process

Finding Your Area

The first and primary step is to find a suitable area before you begin developing land. What you can do from your side is to check the city’s GIS map to know what the hotspots are and where the basic amenities like markets, hospitals, and schools are.

These steps will help you find the perfect land:

  • We advise you to find a place close to these basic amenities. The main reason is that you would have to spend a lot of capital on travel otherwise. A GIS map will give you all the information on these matters.
  • You can use our connections with some of the top land broker agencies in the area. With their help, we will help you find the ideal piece of land that you can call home.

Securing Your Permits

Altering raw land to a perfect house also involves questions like ‘how do I apply for permits’? Well, we have that problem sorted for you as well:

  • You can read about the permits on the internet, for starters.
  • We will support you with direct connections in the building department of Fircrest.
  • Our trusted local contractors will ensure that you know all the information required for local rules, and Diggs will help you with the other details.
Securing Your Permits

Moreover, you will also follow the instructions of the health department of Fircrest in terms of sanitation of piping and utility installation. We will put you in touch with some of the best septic designers and well-driller groups to ensure that you have the right people assisting you.

Here are some of the best on-site sewage systems designers allowed by the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Working with The Designers and Architects

The final step of the building process is working with home designers and architects who will plan your house the way you want it! Every home indeed has a different story to tell, and it is excellent if you have people working with you to bring it out.

These architects and home designers will work both on the home plan and the home design. The plan designs will not only include the long-term and short-term home needs but will also encapsulate the aesthetic value of your house.

For instance, if you are about to retire and are opting for a smaller place in a community-based town like Fircrest, you can go for a ranch that is one story. On the other hand, if you plan to grow your family, going for a multi-story house is an great decision as you will get more square footage for the price. Bigger bang for the buck!

Get Your Dream Home For Life With Diggs Custom Homes

Building a home based on just the present needs will not be beneficial. Our architects and home designers will understand your requirements and come to solutions and designs in the end.

With the completion of the architect’s work, you will be open to living in the home of your dreams. A customized home will be way better than buying an existing home. It will be a home that reminds you of your love, efforts, and vibe right from its making from scratch.

Fircrest is bound to add a positive feeling to your new house, and we can’t wait to see that.

Send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact from below and we will reach out to you for a free consultation.

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