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BROKER PROGRAM – Must be a licensed real estate broker. If the terms and conditions below are met, Diggs Custom Homes will pay a referral fee in the amount of $1,000 (One thousand dollars) to any licensed Real Estate Broker, for any prospective customer referral assuming that prospect is not already in our system, once funding closing is completed.

FRIENDS & FAMILY PROGRAM – If the terms and conditions below are met, Diggs Custom Homes will pay a referral fee in the amount of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) after a referred client’s home order is submitted, assuming that referral is not already in the Diggs Custom Homes database.

Diggs Referral Form

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    Diggs Custom Homes loves referrals. It's the best compliment you could pay us! If you refer anyone to Diggs that has never had contact with us, and they ultimately purchase a home, we offer an incentive to you for that referral.
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    This person must have never had contact with Diggs Custom Homes before today's date.
  • This is the person you are referring to Diggs Custom Homes.

Note:  This program is a non-exclusive program for people that refer customers to Diggs Custom Homes for the construction of a new home. Referred customers must purchase and build a house with Diggs Custom Homes for the referral fee to apply.  If a referral builds multiple homes the referral fee is only paid on the initial home.  Sales Reps and employees of Diggs Custom Homes are not eligible for referral fees.

A referral must be registered prior to the referral contacting Diggs Custom Homes in any way.  Diggs Custom Homes reserves the right to modify or cancel Program at any time without notice or obligation.  Final Verification of the authenticity of a referral submitted will be done just prior to paying a referral fee.  By clicking the Submit button you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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