Tiny Homes vs Small Homes

While tiny homes are trendy, they may not be practical

If you are interested in the tiny house movement, you may want to explore your opportunity to invest in a small home. A tiny home is viewed as a space consisting of 100 square feet to 400 square feet. Some tiny homes are less than 100 square feet and can include up to 500 square feet. But a small home is a bit larger and ranges from 400 square feet to approximately 1,000 square feet. Some small, Diggs Custom Homes encompass nearly 2,000 square feet. If you want to live as a minimalist and get rid of clutter, a tiny home may seem as though it is the best solution.

You may not Appreciate the Tiny Space

However, the exceedingly small space of a tiny home may prevent you from fully enjoying life because of the cramped living quarters. In a true tiny home, you may find yourself downsizing things on a regular basis. Forget about buying all those rare books at the next antiquarian book sale. You simply will not have the required space to store numerous volumes. Even with added cupboards and built-in shelves, tiny homes present storage challenges.

Relax and Enjoy Your Life in a Small Home

On the other hand, a small home consisting of 630 square feet to 960 square feet is neither too tiny nor too large. You still have all the advantages of living in a tiny home, including lower utility bills and less stuff cluttering up your living space. Yet you also have enough square footage to maintain your favorite  collection or even have a separate office space where you can write your first novel.

Hire a Contractor to Build the Perfect
Small Home

You can have a small home built on your lot. An architect will create a custom small home according to your specific requirements and aesthetic pleasures. Another reason to consider a small home is that it is an insurable investment unhampered by various legal regulations. A small home is an actual house as opposed to a glorified trailer with or without wheels.

Small Homes have the Best of Both Worlds

Small, Diggs Custom Homes offer their own distinct solutions for potential homeowners. If you are weary of renting an apartment, your next inclination is to think about owning your own home. A small home offers you the chance to live in a sustainable, effective manner. However, you do not need to make compromises about giving up most of your valuable belongings. A small home provides you with a cozy environment yet also gives you ample room.

Experience Less Clutter and WITH Adequate Living Space in a Small Home

Eliminating clutter offers an excellent way to attain greater peace of mind and improve the ambiance of your home. However, you do not need to live in a tiny home consisting of 100 square feet or even 300 square feet to acheive this. If you are a single person without many possessions, a tiny home may offer you the perfect solution now. But you may want to get married one day or live in a larger house. It makes no sense to live with perpetual cabin fever in a tiny home when you have the option to dwell in a small home.

Small Homes are Easier to Sell

Buying a tiny house is an adventure that does not cost an excessive amount of money. However, you may want to sell your tiny house one day. When you think about the practicality of living in a tiny home versus a small home, it seems fairly obvious that more potential buyers will opt for the small house.

Build a Home on your Own Land

Smaller homes are affordable homes offering more square footage without requiring excessive amounts of upkeep. Plus, you can have a small home built on your lot, which means that you own the land. You can even have two small, affordable homes built on your lot. If you dream about owning your own land with a sustainable house, consider your option to invest in a small home.

Reasons to Live in Small Homes Instead of
Tiny Homes:

  • Small homes are Diggs Custom Homes.
  • Small homes are affordable homes.
  • Small homes enable minimalism.
  • Small homes are insurable investments

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Jerry is head of marketing at Diggs Custom Homes
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