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Free VS. Paid Home plan Estimates

Free VS. Paid Home plan Estimates One of the challenges of building a home is understanding what the home will cost to build from the initial design phase. There are

Diggs Custom Homes EXCLUSIVE Cost-Plus hybrid program is here!

Maybe you have heard of the terms “Cost-Plus Agreements” and “Fixed Price Agreements”, but you might not know exactly what they are. Custom home builders and general contractors create construction

Mark-up Vs. Margin

  21.05.2019   Don Leske   Custom Homes   No comments

There are common misconceptions about profit margins. A profit “margin” is the gross profit (not net profit) of the entire sale as represented as a percentage. A mark-up is only

Stressed out building a new home

3 Easy tips to avoid stress when building a new home Are you thinking about building a new home in Tacoma or Seattle Washington? Or a backyard cottage or ADU

Tiny Homes vs Small Homes

Tiny Homes vs Small HomesWhile tiny homes are trendy, they may not be practical If you are interested in the tiny house movement, you may want to explore your opportunity

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